Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 31, 32, 33 and 34

VERY slowly I am working my way through those remaining 6.5" blocks of the Moda Modern Building Blocks Quilt.  They are all pre-cut which is handy and probably a good job or I'd never get around to them!

Block 31 - I'm very happy with my colour choices for this block.  Another one designed around the economy square centre.

Block 32 - I think this is my favourite of this little group of four that I'm showing you today.  I love it, possibly because it's red and white.  However, it is a bit of an oopsie because only after I had it all stitched and neatly pressed did I spot that those flying geese are flying the wrong way!!  I thought about switching them back to how they should be, but actually I like this accidental block so much that I've just decided to leave it.  It can be the quirk in my quilt!

Block 33 - More flying geese for this block.  After my faux pas with Block 32 I paid close attention to placement of these ones, especially because my brain really wanted to position them differently than they are.

Block 34 - I really like this little block.  Maybe I was enjoying the squares and rectangles again after all those geese, though I think maybe I was enjoying the pretty cream paisley fabric (from Scrumptious, I think).

So, 34 stitched and only 14 still in little pre-cut packs.  That has got to be an end to all this piecing in sight, yes?


  1. These are lovely! Lots of work in those little blocks! Hope you had a good weekend. Jxo

  2. I love that red and white one! And yes, the end is in sight, for the block piecing at least ;o)


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