Friday, 1 April 2016

Frame Box Blocks with scraps

It's a bit quiet on the sewing front here at the mo, but I thought I'd take a wee minute to show you the result of my scrappy antics last month.  Remember the scrap block tutorials I did in February?  Well, this is how my Scrappy Frame Box Blocks are shaping up.

There are still quite a few to go of course, but I thought maybe you'd see from my picture that it's not about the individual blocks.  Rather, it's about the bigger picture.  Honestly, some of those individual blocks are not what you'd ever put together, but remember this is about SCRAPPY and scrappy doesn't have to be all matchy matchy and perfectly co-ordinated to work. So, go on, don't be afraid that you cannot do this kind of quilt because your fabric scraps are too disparate or random.  Just get stuck in and have a go!  Let's face it if you really, REALLY hate a couple of the blocks in the final layout, you can always just ditch them - it's only scraps.

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  1. These look great altogether! A great philosophy on scrapping! I love the 'magic' that happens with scraps! Jxo


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