Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dear Jane: F-7

Well, there I was in January rashly declaring the beginning of my Dear Jane quilt and here I am in April showing you only my fourth block.  Even knowing how crazy things are here, I thought I'd maybe have managed more than 4 4.5" blocks by now - oops!  Anyway, here we are with F-7:

It's a wee bordered sawtooth star and didn't take too long to stitch once I was ready to go.  Might look a little odd above as I've already added its sashing and cornerstones but it only needs them on three sides.

And here it is with its three buddies.  It was only after I'd loaded the pics into this post that I realised they are upside down.  I think I walked around the table to get better light and took the pic without switching the blocks - doh!  Next time I'll try to take the pics right way up!!

In the meantime, I found a perfect slogan for my Dear Jane project on Pinterest -

Source: Pinterest



  1. My philosophy for life right there (as I get slower and slower!). They are taking shape nicely! Jxo

  2. What a perfect mantra - not only for sewing your Jane! It looks gorgeous


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