Monday, 21 March 2016

World Down Syndrome Day - 21 March 2016

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.  21st day of the 3rd month - for those 3 number 21 chromosomes that make the difference.

To be honest, this time last year I didn't know there was such a thing as Down Syndrome Day and I'll bet many of you didn't either.

To be honest, I'm still not sure what it's about.

Mummy, big brother and Cutesy - her socks are odd but it doesn't show in the pic.

Today, we are supposed to wear odd socks to get people asking us about them, to generate a conversation to raise awareness of the day.  I think it's all about breaking down barriers that have existed because Down Syndrome has been "separate" in our society.  Wonderfully and thankfully, that is changing.  I think it's about trying to dispel myths and promote inclusion, sidelining fear of the unknown.

Being honest, I still fear the unknown.  But the known?

 This beautiful little girl who is the silver lining to all of the clouds?

 Her I no longer fear.

One day at a time our lives might be full of mismatched socks, things that no longer pair.

Cutesy and my dad - love fest!

Cutesy, daddy and big brother.

But as a family we will wear them and we will laugh and we will cry (because Mummy has OCD and likes things paired up! - exactly who has a condition in this house?) and we will laugh some more.

Safe in big brother's cuddle.

So today, here's to us, our silly odd socks and to life with differences!  Thank you my beautiful Cutesy for all the lessons you are teaching me and I know I have still to learn.  Your real names mean 'little golden one' and you are most certainly that!
Big hugs, Mummy xx

And to all of our families and to all of my friends here and elsewhere THANK YOU from my heart for your inclusion of my little girl, for not making her difference matter, for being part of this journey with us.

Watch and weep -



  1. I didn't know it was a day either .. but I WILL be spreading the word xx Beautiful pictures xx

  2. Oh goodness Cutsie sure has learned to smile in photots!!! What a darling. Huge hugs xxx

  3. What a beautiful little Cutsie she is!

  4. Adorable baby. Good luck with the odd socks. My OCD is kicking in over here.

  5. Aw, Sarah! I just happen to be wearing mismatched socks but now know there was a reason I couldn't find a pair this morning! Sending lots of squishy hugs for you and Cutesy. xx

  6. Someone is cutting onions in my work. That's obviously why I'm sniffling into my sandwiches. Vive la difference!! And, yes, she is properly a Cutesy - LOVE that smile!! x

  7. cutesie fits her so well x

  8. What an adorable smile. She is indeed a little Cutesy that will teach lessons to so many during her life. Happy Down Syndrome Day.

  9. with such an adorable little girl the future must be bright. Good to spread the awareness

  10. Oh man! You've really got me going now! What a special blessing you have there, and such adorable pictures too! I count it a privilege to get to know Cutsie more and more, and see the beautiful lady she will become. She has the best parents and big brother in the world! Jxo

  11. It's great to spread awareness. Your cutesy is so adorable! Lots of love to you all x

  12. What an absolute sweetheart!! I am so pleased to hear you are in a better place now than when I saw you last Sarah, and I am sure things will only continue to improve with that beautiful smile to look at every day xx

  13. Wow! You caught her smile! She is a gorgeous girl and belongs to a strong family. Life is different from this time last year but so very much enriched too. Love ya. Di X

  14. Sarah, only just catching up with your blog. What beautiful words and gorgeous pictures. She is super cute. I didn't know about 21st March either but I think I will wear odd socks more often as a reminder to think of you and cutsie. Lots of love to you all. xo

  15. Wow - she's super cute, and super gorgeous. She is blessed and fortunate to be part of your family, and how wonderful that you are also realising that she is a blessing to you too xx

  16. She's such an adorable baby (her lovely personality shines through and I wish I lived just up the road so I could see her every day - I have a feeling she's going to give lovely cuddles when she's older!) and her future is bright. She has a wonderful family and the love and support of quilters around the world, and it's a world which is much more accepting of difference and celebrates it rather than fearing it.

  17. What a beautiful post. Cutesy is a beautiful baby - with the most adorable smile. You are so right - the now -and the future- for people who have that extra chromosome is so much brighter and better than it was in the past. I regularly see 2 young woman with this condition in our small town. One is successfully working in our local supermarket - and the other is a smart and independent young lady who leads her life confidently (studying, using the bus by herself). I appreciate it is not easy, but if we as a society, keep moving towards seeing what people are "able" at, then we all have a more enriching life.

    And next year on March 21st I will wear odd socks too (although like you I really really prefer things to match!)


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