Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Birthday Quilt Update

My little brother's big birthday quilt top is finally pieced.  The Layers of Charm pattern from the Fat quarter Shop is perfect for time-constrained gifts and I love how it looks in these black, grey and low volume prints. Not too fussy for a bloke.  That cheeky wee orange punch makes me smile too.  It's actually a sketch blender but it does look solid here and not as pretty as in real life.

Anyway, now that piecing is complete I have decided that this quilt should be shipped off for a little Trudification.  Honestly, this is a bit of a relief because it means a) my brother will get a much nicer quilt for his big day and b) there's a chance he will actually get it on his big day!!

So, next time you see this lovely it will have been through the skilled hands of a master quilter - sounds better than 'pimped by Trudi', doesn't it?


  1. Looks great and love the pop of orange.

  2. Pimped by Trudi sounds good to me😂

  3. Love that sneaky bit of orange too! I think the word Trudification should be included in the Oxford dictionary! Jxo

  4. This is looking awesome, and Trudi will work some magic on it xx I'm nearly there with my (very similar!) quilt top xx


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