Tuesday, 1 March 2016

IRMA gets dressed up

I made this sweet little EPP Nosegay block at Fiona's class on last year's Stitch Gathering (Sept 2015) and decided that Saturday was the day to make it into something pretty and usable.

So Irma, one of those small cushion fillers that Ikea was selling for pence, got a sweet new cover to dress herself up.  The filler measures 14" square but is a little loosely filled for my liking.  I prefer my cushions well stuffed, so I reckoned if I made my cover quite a bit smaller that it would squish in and fill it up much better.

It worked.  Yay!  All pudgy and lovely at a finished 11.75" square.  (I made a 12.5" block and used a ⅜" seam to stitch around the cushion.)

A simple envelope back made this a speedy project, even if I did have to stretch out the actual stitching over 5 hrs between many, many interruptions.  It was one of those days.

Anyway, this little couch cushion is for Cutesy Tootsie to rest her crazy haired head on.

So, can you tell who sits where?  I'll help by telling you that the teenager's cushion is on his chair on the other side of the room as far away from his parents as he can sit if he must be in the same room as us fogies! ;-)


  1. Lovely, Sarah! The colours are so pretty!

  2. LOL! A teenager sharing the same space as his parents!! Well, I never!

  3. Love Jude's comment! So true! Great way to use that block and I'm thinking of Goldilocks and the 3 bears now!


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