Sunday, 7 February 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 23, 24, 25 and 26

I have some more progress on my Moda Modern Building Blocks to show you.  Again these ones are all 6" square (finished).

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 23
I think the Moda pattern designers may have felt we deserved an easy block after number 22 and its 48 pieces (see my previous post on the MMBB) and this one is hardly patchwork at all.  One large HST and we're done.  Enjoyed using one of my last cuts of this pink Ruby floral print in this block.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 24
 I didn't have any problems with Block 24 and love the contrast between the houndstooth pattern and the orange with its dots.  There is something very appealing about the clean simple lines of this block pattern, don't you think?

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 25
This multiple layer economy square block design for block 25 felt as if it was going together well, but for some reason I am going to lose several of those outer points.  I think part of the issue is that I don't know what size each of the "rounds" should be finishing.  That would have been a helpful inclusion in the pattern because then you would know whether you need to trim the inner "rounds" a little as you go.  Not sure if I should live with it or re-do it.  I know if I had more time then I would make it over.  Maybe I'll just make a note and see how I feel when all the blocks are made.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 26
Block 26 is a sawtooth star.  Always love this block.   On the whole I've chosen my fabric in line with colours in the original quilt pattern (though I'm using prints rather than solids) but in the absence of many grey fabrics in my B&C stash I just hope I've made enough of a contrast in my fabric choices that the design isn't lost in the bigger quilt.

I've now officially passed the halfway point in terms of block numbers.  26 down, 22 to go.


  1. More gorgeous blocks! I hope you find a way to fix the outer points in block 25, it's such a pretty block that it would be a shame to have to remake it with different fabrics.

  2. I didn't realise there were so many blocks overall! They are coming together great! Jxo


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