Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Cutting it fine

I was cutting it fine last week trying to finish up a crocheted shawl for a birthday pressie.  I honestly didn't think I'd make it but on Thursday night I was sewing in the yarn ends and wrapping and packing for an early trip to the Post Office on Friday.  Then it was up to first class mail to do its bit while I crossed my fingers.

So now that it has been received I can show you this Elise Shawl.  I found the free pattern on Ravelry.  It crocheted up a treat and overall really wouldn't take you too long if you remained focussed.  Unfortunately, I didn't.  Hence the 'cutting it fine', in spite of having started in plenty of time really.

This shawl is only little, making a neck scarf size, but you could easily just keep the pattern going with no need to recalculate the written instructions, other than the need for a little more yarn if you wanted a larger shawl.

When I had finished the stitches I admit that I was worried that I ought to have gone a few rows more to make it bigger but then I blocked it and that was like magic.  Truly.  I was amazed how much bigger blocking it and opening out the stitch pattern made the whole piece.

I am certainly no pro at any of this (as the mistakes in the crochet will testify) but the mystery of blocking was debunked somewhere during my Christmas googling time.  All I did was soak the shawl in some lukewarm water with a tiny bit of mild detergent for 15 mins.  Then I squeezed out the water gently being careful not to wring the fibres. So, just squeeze, don't twist or pull.  After that I laid out a bath towel on the living room floor and pinned the shawl out as neatly as I could.  Next morning, the shawl was nice and dry and when I took the pins away it looked like a beautiful piece of lace which it most definitely hadn't when it came off the hook.  Hooray for blocking!

I would definitely recommend the Elise Shawl pattern if you fancy making a simple, pretty shawl.  One day I hope I'll get time to hook one up for myself, but for now I'm happy that my lovely friend liked her birthday present.


  1. It's beautiful! That is how I block too, although I also rinse the piece, being careful not to change the water temperature as it is the changes that cause felting. When my kids were little, I switched to knitting over all other fibre crafts because it is so portable, maybe you are doing that too, although with crochet, which has all the same benefits.

  2. very nice. unfortunately for me, I cant crochet

  3. So beautiful! I love the idea of a neck-size shawl! Jxo

  4. Beautifully done! It looks great

  5. Doesn't blocking make an incredible difference? I don't wash/soak my knitting, I pin/lay them on the carpet and then lay a damp sheet over the top and wait until it's dry - I find it easier and less stressful than wet blocking!


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