Saturday, 20 February 2016

Dear Jane: G-6

After piecing this tiddly sawtooth star centre for my second Dear Jane block, I hit a bit of a wall in progressing.  I know!  It's only my second block and already I'm having problems.  Essentially, that 1" sawtooth star is a mass of seams of the back side that make the little block super bulky and when I tried adding the next pieces by EPP, the result was a hideous skewed mess.  I didn't take a photo and almost threw the whole thing away and started over.

Anyway, huge procrastination followed as I tried to decide what to do.  Finally, I opted to machine piece the next round on to the star which allowed me to get a much neater, firmer and flatter finish on those seams to make the pentagon.  It's probably an obvious solution, but I was reluctant, I think, because originally I had wanted to EPP this quilt in its entirety. Now, two blocks in I've already introduced machine quilting in both to solve my EPP hiccups.

So, it seems my Dear Jane quilt will be a combination of what works and really, that's ok as long as it doesn't look strange. There is no hurry but I would like to keep progressing rather than getting stuck and never moving forward for want of a little machine fix.

Here are my first two blocks now joined.  By no means perfect, but I'm happy with them and loving these fabrics.  Onwards to a Lemoyne Star for my third block, with thankfully much bigger star pieces :-)


  1. It's a cute block and I don't think it matters which techniques you use to make the block as long as you're happy with the result. Far better to add in a bit of machine piecing than to stubbornly stick at EPP-only blocks and not have as nice a finish.

  2. I agree with H! She is the hand-sewing queen afterall! Jxo

  3. Go with what works :) The blocks look great! x

  4. I made 2 blocks in 3 different colours for Paula's Irish Share Jane project on facebook - massively fiddly and trickier than they look! I had to resort to a google search to make 1 of them. Makes you appreciate the original quilt even more! I love your colour choices, so fresh and bright!


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