Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New Arrival Star Quilt

A new niece arrived in the world last week and as we all know babies need to have quilts of their own, so I needed to get my skates on and whip her up a wee star quilt.

I decided on a one block quilt which I have been wanting to make for ages.  A quick fabric pull, some maths and I was off.

The units are 4.5" square.  I would have gone to slightly bigger units except that my fabrics wouldn't have stretched that far.

I worked up each quarter at a time which made it very manageable. At 32.5" square I thought it was just a little small so I added three narrow borders, 0.5" white, 0.5" lilac and finally 1" white.  Again, the sizes of my borders were dictated by how much fabric I had left

36" square:  Not a great 3.22 am photo of the finish!

This quilt is a really quick make if time is on your side.  I did hit a few snags in my week and ended up pulling a really, really late night on Saturday to finish it.  But, it was done and gifted on Sunday to a sweet little black haired bundle in her daddy's arms.  Job done!

I'm a little amazed that I have a finish this year and it's still only January!  What happened to my plans to make this the year of starts?  Oh don't worry about that, I will have lots of starts to share with you in the coming days ;-)


  1. Lovely!! Nice soft colours for a baby!

  2. This is jus lovely and perfect for a new baby. I love quick makes. x

  3. How did u do that? This is gorgeous! What a lucky little lady and well done to manage all the maths around the fabrics :)

  4. It's so cute! By the sounds of it, just like its new owner! Jxo

  5. brilliant to have a finish so early in the year, and a cousin and hopefully friend for cutsey tootsie!


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