Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Blocks 19, 20, 21 and 22

Last time you saw my Moda Modern Building Blocks they looked like this -

18 blocks of varying sizes between 36" and 12" square.  The remaining 30 blocks have all been cut and have been ready and waiting for some stitchy action, so on Saturday morning I got behind the needle and got busy.

From here on, all of the blocks are 6" finished.  The photos don't give you any idea of the scale but they really are quite little.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 19
Block 19 demonstrated to me just how many seams I'm going to have to cope with in such small blocks and it does make trimming them a wee bit bumpy in places.  I'm not going to pretend all the points match up, but I do feel that it was an achievement that it finished on size!

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 20
I love the pattern of Block 20 and think those points might just all survive!

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 21
Block 21 looks squiffy here in the photo but it's not honestly.  Think it has something to do with my seam pressing.  I've since pressed them open and it does seem to sit better but I just didn't photograph it.

Moda Modern Building Blocks - Block 22
This one was a doozy.  48 itsy bitsy pieces make up this 6" block!  It did feel a bit insane as I started but I just concentrated on one small section at a time and it wasn't really as bad as anticipated.  I think if I re-made this block I would do it differently though.  The centre blocks on each edge would be better pieced as economy squares rather than as flying geese in my opinion.  I'm all about not creating unnecessary seams.  Hopefully, though there will never be cause to make a 6" block from 48 pieces again!  Mind you, I do think it's a lovely pattern and I do think it would work brilliantly as a larger one block quilt design. 48 pieces in a baby quilt doesn't sound quite so crazy.

22 blocks down, 26 remaining.


  1. TheseI bet these are so cute in person. Your points look perfect to me!

  2. They're fab! And you're nearly there! Another sewing Saturday and you'll be finished! Jxo

  3. Well done! It looks gorgeous and since the Farmers Wife I know how hard 6'' blocks are. They are worth the effort and look stunning. What a beautiful way to spend Saturday :)

  4. Its looking fabulous! Keep going you can see the finish line!


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