Thursday, 28 January 2016

Birthday Quilt in preparation

My brother has a special birthday this year and it's been in my head for a long time that I wanted to make him a quilt for it.  I know that working to deadlines isn't going to be my forte this year so if I have any chance of actually gifting him a quilt early this summer, then I need to make a start now and I need to keep it uncomplicated.

Scrolling my Instagram feed at the beginning of January I saw many quilts in the Layers of Charm pattern by the Fat Quarter Shop but one in particular was made in black and neutrals and bingo! I knew this quilt could be do-able for my brother.  Though I really wanted to add a wee pop of orange in the midst of all that neutral.  Don't know why, but I indulged my instinct and got approval from DS who was eyeing up the fabrics appreciatively as a whole.

Bro is a biochemist so I thought these lovely science fair fabrics with equations, the periodic table and suitably mystifying formulae on would be just perfect and not too twee as novelty fabrics go.

The cutting was quick and the piecing shouldn't take long either, even if I've only completed the first two rows to date.  Should be a good one to pick up and piece when I get a wee block of time at the machine and hopefully it will grow slowly and steadily until his summer celebrations.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Looks great, Sarah! Love that wee pop of colour!

  2. oooooo Sarah I love those fabrics, your brother is going to LOVE this. Now, I have a favour to ask, I am making a wedding quilt for one of my best friends in July, and he and his wife to be are both science teachers - would you be able to let me know where you got this fabric from, or some more details, I know you're busy, but even just a tip for googling would help - you've inspired me xxx

  3. Now that's planning ahead, well ahead!! Perfect fabrics for your bro! Jxo

  4. It's going to be perfect for him! Love that orange!


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