Monday, 16 March 2015

Rainbow Crumbs Quilt Finish

My rainbow crumb quilt top measures approx 36.5" x 45.5" so it's not huge but when I went looking for an appropriate backing in my stash I couldn't find a single piece of fabric large enough to work nicely. 

So, in keeping with the theme of the front I chose eight prints/blenders in a rainbow of colours and stitched a simple stripey backing piece.  I think I like it almost as much as the front.

When it came to the quilting I decided to stitch my wavy lines.  Do you know, of all the quilts I have quilted with wavy lines I don't actually have one that I've kept in our home?  Since the rainbow quilt is likely to stay with us I thought it was about time I had some waves for myself.

The jury is still out over my choice of quilting thread.  It is a beautiful variegated thread but it seems to be quite blue on the paler shades of the rainbow and I'm not so sure it was the right choice in the end.  But I'm not so bothered by it as to want to rip it all out.  I suspect it will grow on me.

The next decision was what colour to bind in.  I imagine if I had asked for advice that black or black/white stripe would have been a popular suggestion as that seems to have been a trend with rainbow quilts for a while now.  But, black just didn't do it for me.   I wanted something brighter and chose a tiny yellow polka dot which certainly keeps things cheery!

So, after all my waffle, here is the finished rainbow quilt -

I promise it's straight even though this pic makes it look as if the top is wider than the bottom!

and rainbow stripe backing.

I love this little quilt made from scraps that might otherwise have ended up in the bin.  I don't regret anything about it, except perhaps that it isn't bigger but there's always another time, right?


  1. I like the thread, the backing is a great idea too.

  2. That is sooooo lovely!
    Love thise colours and fabrics!
    Esthersipatchandquilt at wordpress dot com

  3. Lovely quilt back and front and a wonderful scrap buster. Like the binding choice too.

  4. It's so sunny and cheerful! And what a great use of your scraps!

  5. It's gorgeous and would make a fun and bright play mat too! Jxo

  6. Beautiful choice for backing and a cheery choice for binding!

  7. Lovely quilt! I like the yellow binding. Black would be too harsh!

  8. Love it. Nice, bright and cheery.

  9. Woo hoo! I think your back is perfectly suited to your front and your quilting pattern is spot on. You can't go wrong with yellow dotties on the binding either. You've hit this one out of the park, missus!

  10. It's brilliant, Sarah! And, I think the variegated thread works really well with all your rainbow colours!

  11. I love your quilt and the quilting. I don't have any luck with free motion quilting, so have tried straight line, and curved lines (as you show) on smaller projects and it works. When you're quilting a larger quilt, do you start on one end and go back and forth until you reach the other end, or do you star in the middle and work your way to the edges?? I'm concerned about puckering.


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