Friday, 13 March 2015

Quilt Now BOM - part 9

When Quilt Now Issue 9 hit the doormat last weekend I was in the mood for just getting on with the next part of the Mystery Block of the Month.

This month's skill was making prairie points.  Reene promised these blocks would be fast and fun, and she was right, they were.  What she didn't say was that it would be a few days before my scorched finger tips recovered!  Perhaps, I'm just clumsy...

With the prairie points looking sharp, I chose some of the blocks I'd made from previous issues of the magazine and stitched them together as directed by Reene's instructions to create the top and bottom borders of the mystery quilt.  I LOVE how it's shaping up and wonder what Reene has in store for the other two sides.  I don't think there can be too many months left until it's complete and I can't wait to see how it will finish!


  1. It looks fabulous! Sorry about the scorched fingers. On the plus side at least your fabric survived ;)

  2. I love the birdie fabric on the background of one of the blocks. The prairie points look great

  3. looks fantastic and I too love the birdie fabric

  4. So pretty! The colours are fab! Jxo

  5. I'm so digging your quilt, Sarah. It's great watching this grow from this end.


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