Monday, 3 November 2014

Mega Pinnie Winner!

I'm a bit late with this lovely news, but take a wee look at what arrived here a week or so ago ....

It's a mega pinnie from Sheila herself, and now it's all mine!  It seems that Sheila's original giveaway winner didn't make contact and so I got lucky in the re-draw.  So sorry, original winner person, you really did miss out on a beautifully made pincushion/caddy.

What I hadn't realised was just how "mega" these mega pinnies actually are.   See what I mean? (Pic above to demonstrate scale.)  It's ginormous!!

Sheila, thanks ever so much for brightening up my week when this arrived.  It's fab and I love it's little handle which mean I can hang it off my wrist when my arms are full of other supplies and I'm relocating downstairs to do some basting and laying out!  Sorry that I didn't get a chance to publicly thank you for this before now, but I know you understand why.

And, if you are now thinking you could do with one of these mega pinnies yourself, well, you're in luck because Sheila has a free tutorial for whipping one up on her blog.  Check out the link here (it's no 6) to give it a go.

Again, thanks a million Sheila!


  1. Cool! Love all the pockets in the sides to hold bits and bobs.

  2. Wow, a mega win! Looks very useful too with all those pockets. Off to check out the tutorial, thanks for the link.

  3. It's a monster pinny!! No chance of losing stray pins now! Jxo

  4. Oooh oooh its fab!! Gotta make one of these! Congrats on the win!

  5. what a great win and love the fancy pins you have there not come across any like those before

  6. Well done you! looks amazing... and huge! Can't lose that in a hurry!

  7. It is more than a pincushion - so much more! I have one too!


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