Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Sorting boxes

These boxes have been fun to sort though.  They are the boxy blocks I asked the hipBees to make me back in September when we kicked off our second Bee year.

I sent out packages of black and white fabrics with a few bright scraps and asked for concentric box blocks alternating black and white rounds with occasional pops of colour .

These are the blocks that the Bees buzzed over and sent back to me and this week I've been sorting and rearranging them in the hope of removing them from my WIPs pile soon.

The usual placing, moving, replacing, moving again went on for quite a while until I finally settled on this layout.  My bad pics aren't doing them much justice but they do look great and quite funky together.  So now they've been labelled up in rows and await some stitchy attention in the not too distant future.

Belatedly, thank you hipBee lovelies for all the great blocks!

PS I'm hoping to bring you an update on my Mystery Medallion Quilt very soon - just need a few pics to finish off my post first.


  1. Lovely blocks. It is surprising how well quilts turn out when all different people work together.

  2. Wow these look great - have fun putting them together x

  3. what a lovely idea this quilt is and it looks great

  4. Oooh, those are quite mesmerising, in a 'look deep into my eyes' kind of a way!

  5. They look fabulous together and will keep someone warm and happy.

  6. this looks better I think because different people had their input. If you had done it yourself it would be hard to keep the blocks so varied.

  7. Oh its looking fabulous Sarah, can't wait to see it finished


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