Friday, 14 February 2014

Shouting Out!

Hi Folks! Today I'm doing a big shout out for Little Island Quilting Alison's brilliant quilt drive and block drive for the former street kids of Mexico City.  I mentioned this briefly during the week but today I want to really encourage you to help Alison out.

Please, please hear me out, give it a think over and then stop thinking and stitch - pretty please!!

QAYG blocks for the Soy Amado quilts.

On Christmas Day, Alison and her family visited a home for former Street Kids in Mexico City.  Their stories and the efforts of the home to feed and educate and to provide a place of safety away from the things none of us would ever want our children to encounter, never mind become involved in, tugged at her heart strings.  Her thoughts about her visit are more eloquently explained on her original post here.

The upshot is that she has a vision to provide quilts to this home for former street kids as a reminder that there is love for them in a world where they mightn't always know it.

So, here's the really good news!  YOU CAN HELP.  YES, YOU CAN BE PART OF THESE AMAZING QUILTS.

There are two ways to help:

1.  If you would like to make a finished quilt to send on, you can contact Alison through her blogpost (just leave a comment) and she will give you an address in the Netherlands where it can be posted for onwards transmission to Mexico City.

2.  If you don't have time for a quilt, you can send pre-quilted 12.5" blocks - any kind of block, any colours, just make sure it's 12.5" and already quilted with a backing.  Alison is collecting these herself and doing a sterling job of joining them into cosy covers for the kids.  Again leave her a comment on her blog.

Now, I challenge you all to think laterally about how you can help out in either of these ways:

  • Start from scratch if you like.  
  • Pull three or four handfuls of scraps out of your pile and make up a scrappy logcabin or two (just go for it) - or any other 12.5" block that takes your fancy.
  • Root through your WIPs pile and finish off that quilt you no longer love.  
  • Got a jelly roll or layer cake hanging around that you don't know what to do with? Stitch it together in simple squares or strips and quilt and bind it.
  • Scrounge up the orphan blocks you have at the bottom of your drawers or hiding in bags somewhere and add wadding and a backing and quilt them up.
  • Got a bag full of bee blocks waiting to become a quilt, but you joined so many Bees that you know you should share those potential quilts around before the next set of fun Bee blocks arrive on your doorstep?  Make it up and send it on!
  • Found a pile of fabric and thought - 'what possessed me to buy that?'  Wonder no more, cut it up, stitch it up and let it keep a child warm at night.

Okay, so I don't often do the hard sell here, but I do know that Alison's heart for this project is BIG.  I also know that you are a generous and talented bunch who like a good reason to put needle to fabric, and I know what it is to be blessed on the receiving end of that generous spirit when I posted about the Siblings Together Block Drive last year and when we post Bee Blessed blocks each month. 

So please, please folks, let's show Alison that we support her as she does all this hard work for something close to her heart.  Read her posts and leave her a message so she knows help is coming her way. She'll give you the addresses you need.  

Now I need to stop rambling and give you time to pop over there and to get stitching.

Thank you lovelies!!

Alison's original post is here.
Her post about the QAYG block quilts is here.


  1. Go you! Hope more people jump on the bandwagon.

  2. mine went in the post this morning ... quilt that is x

  3. Ahhh, just wrote a post about the same thing. Yours is wayyyyy better, but here's hoping more people make more quilts and blocks. Hope you are safe and warm in NI :)

  4. A brilliant plug for Alison. Might have a look in our orphan blocks pile and see what I can find! Jxo


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