Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Getting ready

Last night was all about prepping this little lot -

so that I can make 16 of those 6" tippecanoe blocks that you can see on the mat.  Tippecanoe - oh how I love that word!  I find myself randomly repeating it today like some kind of crazy woman, but it just makes me smile.

I'm just about still smiling at the thought of another 60(!) of those wee paper pieced quadrants but still they do come together nicely. Besides, it's been ages since I had some paper piecing fun and my Mystery Medallion Quilt is long overdue some attention having been abandoned rather discourteously so that I could fulfil January's commitments.  The tippecanoes are just part of border number 4.  They will be interspersed with an easy peasy spacing block.  I shall be back with the low down once I get these babies whipped together.  (Do you like how I made it sound like it will take me ten minutes rather than ten hours?)

Just so you know, the fabric has been cut approximately to the sizes required to help me minimise the waste on these pp blocks.  I don't normally work paper piecing this way but I did discover with these in the trial run that some simple cuts can help save wastage of my precious white-with-red prints for future borders.

Don't forget my notes on the Mystery Medallion so far can be found on the tab at the top of the page.

Sloping off now to finish a quilt binding (hopefully).


  1. You have so much more patience than me!

  2. Such a cool word, and will look stunning.
    Happy binding; stay warm xxx

  3. love the red and white tippecanoe (and the word too!)
    Enjoy your paper piecing!

  4. Ha, love that name too, there's a shop called Tippecanoe in Portree

  5. Such pretty fabrics! I love that block too.

  6. these are looking good, paper piecing I have not yet learnt but there is a new MQG starting in Leeds and I am going to the first meeting on 3 march maybe they will have a class there, mind you will not be able to take the machine on the bus

  7. They will make a gorgeous border on your medallion quilt. I hope that the binding is now on!!! When do we get the full reveal?
    Di x

  8. Those canoes will make a fabulous border! Can't wait to see finished brick layer cake! Jxo

  9. They are looking great, and fabulous colours too

  10. Wow! I'm tired just looking at your fabric piles, but I'm sure you'll make short work of it all!


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