Thursday, 17 October 2013

Stocking up

I have been busying away in a few spare moments over the past four or five days at stocking up some makes for our forthcoming Fundraiser/Exhibition early next month.

In spite of really not wanting to admit to myself that Christmas isn't so very far off, I forced myself to start thinking festive in the hope that an early November stitch sale might attract a few folks looking for Christmassy items.

Christmas Stockings - hoping folks might be interested in hanging one of these up at the beginning of Dec.

And, bunting - again for Christmas decorations (2 sets) and potentially for gift purchases (3 sets).

As you can see, these makes are still not quite finished but hopefully a wee stitchy afternoon with the other Bee Blessed bees on Saturday will soon tidy these up.  Along with a wee pile of baby taggies and a host of brooches I'm hoping that my contribution to the sale table is respectable.  Now just fingers crossed that they will sell, although I admit some of those brooches are going to be an acquired taste!


  1. I think you might need a table all to yourself!! Loving those cutesy stockings! jxo

  2. Oooh I like the sound of 'an acquired taste' brooch!!! Are we talking 'traditional old lady'?

  3. Good selection of goods there missus!

  4. You have been working too hard, Sarah! But as long as the sales are worth while, you can just smile at that too!Lovely goodies.

  5. These look amazing Sarah. I have been Christmas making too ;-)

  6. If I remember correctly last years show was a success, wasn't it? I so hope that this year draws in the crowds and their pocket books are full of money to spend.


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