Friday, 18 October 2013

SIblings Together Blocks - still coming

More lovelies to share for the Siblings Together Block Drive.

from Catherine
from Tina

from Caroline

from Sue
A great mixture of bolds and brights and some neutrals for balance in all of these blocks.  Thank you all so much, Ladies, for taking time to make and send these blocks on for the Block Drive quilts.

The end of the October deadline for the blocks is now in sight and this pretty pile of gorgeous blocks is reminding me that before too long I will be on my knees laying out and switching and swapping blocks for two boy quilt tops.  It will be exciting to see how they look when they come together!


  1. Looks like a great response. Can't wait to see them! Jxo

  2. They are going to make fabulous quilts

  3. Very exciting! Looking forward to seeing how the quilt shapes up!


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