Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Making Magnus Proud

... and alleviating some pressure!

You know that I was feeling a little overwhelmed because I've had lots of starts and not so many finishes lately?  I worked out that a lot of that has to do with a build up of small projects and quite a number of handstitching projects (not all of which I've shown you yet).

But, I am clearing them up little by little, and Magnus's credo "I've started so I'll finish"  (see this post for explanation of reference) is beginning to be a little more true than of late.

Last weekend, I managed to add the finishing cuffs and hanging tabs to the Christmas stockings for the exhibition day sale.  All five bunting sets were also finished after stringing them with satin ribbon. They looked suitably pretty, although I forgot to get a piccy before adding them to the sale stocks we are collecting together.

Sneaky peek

I have also been working hard on some little stitcheries and am relieved to have them completed and tidied up now too.  I cannot reveal them just yet but will do when my book is published in three or four weeks time!   Gotcha!  I'm kidding about the book of course, but there is some fun and excitement for me so I'm looking forward to sharing the full pic with you before too long.

While not a finish, I have made progress on the disappearing four patch floor cushion.  The perles were calling to me from the corner of the room, so I obliged by handquilting coloured flowers in the white spaces and white flowers where the coloured corners converge (though you cannot see these in my pics).  I am hoping to work out how to put a concealed zipper in the backing and then I can cross this one off my list too!

Lest you think I've forgotten about the hipBees sampler, rest assured that I am making progress there too, with four more blocks quilted, leaving just four more to go.  I need to get piccies to share with you.

So. it seems a little bit of a reality check has motivated me to get my act together and move things on a bit.  Need to keep at it and hope for a few more finishes sooner rather than later.


  1. You have been busy Sarah. You did make me laugh about your book :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I am patiently waiting for your book ... one day?

  3. ohh, I am disappointed about that book. Maybe next year? Great finishes!

  4. The hand stitching on your cushion is the perfect addition! Glad you were able to get your wee stockings finished ok! Jxo

  5. I would buy your book. And the projects look fun.

  6. everything looking good, 4 patch especially, as you know I have fallen for it. Love the Xmas stockings, maybe I will do a few as I have promised to do some bits for a hospice fun raising.
    You have such a large variety of things you do it would make a wonderful book or 2 or 3

  7. Intriguing, especially that cute little license plate! Love the hand stitching on that floor cushion!

  8. I do not know when you find the time! Do you sleep?


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