Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunshine on a Wet Weekend

It has been extremely wet around these parts this weekend but in spite of the rain a wee bit of sunshine has dropped in courtesy of Susan who nominated me during last week for a Sunshine Award.   Thank you, Susan.  Apparently it's just a wee pass it on happiness/fun thingy where you answer a few questions and link to some blogs you'd like to spread some sunshine to.

So here's a wee bit more about me:

Favourite colour - probably red (deep real red)
Animal - honestly, not a fan of anything with more legs than me or wings
Number - never, ever thought to have a favourite number
Drink - everyday: tea, special occasions: pink, alcoholic and bubbly
Passion - my family and patchwork (maybe a patchwork family?)
Giving or getting - definitely giving 'cos the good feeling and effect lasts a whole lot longer, but in a way that's a kind of getting too isn't it?  (BTW I'm no saint or martyr and I love to receive too!)
Favourite Day - the day my baby boy arrived in this world and I whispered to him "I've been waiting for you"
Favourite Flower - lilies or peonies

So now that you know a few more strange things about me, here are the four blogs I am to nominating for a little Sunshine Award in return:

Di @ Willowbeck Designs
Fiona @ Sew Fi
Tina @ Secret Ingredient: Love
Catherine @ Sew Wonderful Life

I wish you ladies a little sunshine in your lives and some fun in sharing a few random facts about yourselves with your readers.


  1. Yay for sunshine and friends. Thanks for passing it on Sarah.

  2. Thanks for the nomination Sarah, I will make sure I pass it on this week.


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