Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bee Blessed - Responses

I realised recently that while we have been showing you Bee Blessed blocks and quilts on this blog and Judith's and also via the flickr group, it has been harder to share with you the response that our quilts evoke.

Sometimes our quilts are gifted through an organisation and we have no direct contact with the recipient.  While we don't get to hand over these quilts in person to their recipient, our contacts within the organisation have been delighted to receive and pass them on on our behalf.

Occasionally, we have the privilege of handing a quilt over to the intended recipient, and what a privilege it truly is.  Recently, one of the quilts was delivered to a lady who is struggling with chemo treatment.  She was thrilled with the quilt and so touched that we had thought of her and considered her during this difficult and frankly, pretty miserable time in her life.

Another of the quilts was gifted to a teenage young man recently diagnosed with ME.  His quilt was delivered via his mum and she was so affected by our gift and thoughtfulness that she cried.  The young man himself also sent us a lovely Thank You card to recognise our kindness.

There are other similar stories too and in most cases they involve tears (of recipients and their family members).  Yep, Bee Blessed makes people cry - doesn't sound quite right, does it?  But it feels right, folks.  When we see the reaction, and the thankfulness and the hearts that are touched and the tears that are brought to their eyes we know we are doing something right - we are sending little touches of blessing when it's needed, just as we had hoped to.

Thank you all for being a part of that - whether you are a Bee Blessed member through our blogging community, or with us in reality at our meetings, we could not do this without you.  Please know that what you do makes a big difference!


  1. It is just good to know that these quilts are quietly spreading joy. You and Judith conceived a wonderful and generous idea.

  2. Lovely! Looking forward to seeing the pics from Saturday! Jxo

  3. Thanku for the lovely feedback Sarah :-)
    Its a privilege to be a part of this wonderful Bee that you & Judith have organised so a big Well Done to You's!!!


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