Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Not all plain sailing

Finished up my wonky star cushion from class this week -

The design for the cushion is to have a positive side and a negative side which works really well for the fabrics I chose for this one.  I love the splash of turquoise among the charcoal and white, and the postmark stamp fabrics is really fun without being too childishly novelty.

I used a lovely turquoise thread to outline quilt the star - works a treat against the charcoal.

The real challenge for me in this class (aside from trying to achieve wonk with a brain that likes straight!) was inserting an invisible zip.

Now I know I've had a go at zips before - in cushions and in pouches, but if I'm honest it's all a bit hit and miss with me and the zip.  My efforts for the Mouthy Stitches Swap earlier this year were reasonably successful, but something seems to happen when I try to get the needle close to the zip teeth and keep running straight along the bulk of the fabric and wadding layers.

The insertion of this zip was not fun, entirely user error, of course, but not fun!  If you could see closer up you would see two or three lines of unpicked stitches on that charcoal Kona.  Other than that it looks okay from this distance now, but it really could have and should have been better.   The pattern instructions were great and the class demonstration made it all look so straightforward but, me and my zip foot have issues - we may need some therapy to work them through!  It almost feels like I should use the quilting foot to keep it all feeding nice and evenly through the machine, rather than the zip foot itself.  Hmmm, need to figure this one out ...

In the meantime, I do have a lovely finished cushion and I don't expect the invisible zip police to be inspecting often!

PS - If you're at all interested in the pattern for this cushion it is available on the Just Jude Etsy shop (and be assured the zip issues are all mine not the fault of the pattern).


  1. Looks good from where I am sitting.

  2. I so like your postage stamp fabric and it looks so good in the cushion. I too find zippers a bit random in how they go in. Obviously not the sewist fault! Di x

  3. Everyone loves the colour grey - I'm working on a grey quilt right now. I know you don't like your zip but from where I'm sitting it's looking very accomplished :) Lovely choice of fabrics too x

  4. NOT looking close... so ... cannot see ANY problems !It looks wonderful to me xx

  5. Nobody likes the invisible zip police anyway. Your cushion looks fab and you are right to be pleased with it

  6. Oh Sarah, sorry you had a time of it with your zipper foot again! Would it be an idea to try and source a different shaped zipper foot that is compatible with your machine? The cushion is stunning all the same, and the dark Kona charcoal is v.forgiving I'm sure! Jxo

  7. Your pillow is lovely - maybe it is a cushion for you - and I love that postage fabric. I hope you sort out the issues, maybe a bit of extra practice, as the final results look great.

  8. Ur cushion is fantastic Sarah!! I'm sure it will b well used! Mine isn't even near finished and may have to become a UFO!


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