Sunday, 20 May 2012


Want to see my weekend quilt-mare?

This sweet little mare has caused all sorts of quilting woes as I have tried to progress a little project this weekend.  She is part of a very sweet pre-printed panel but sadly she has been printed a bit wonky and when it came to quilting this part of the project straight lines just weren't going to help.  All they would do was accentuate her wonkiness, so I needed to think of an alternative.

I thought that since she's only a part of the centre of the project I would be brave and have a go at stippling.  So I did ...

seven times!!!!!!  Yep, if perseverance won prizes I'd definitely be on the winner's rostrum today, but sadly all my perseverance achieved was seven lots of ripped out thread similar to the pic above.  It looked awful, and that's putting it kindly!

Then I decided to try arcs using the special wee gauge thingy that attaches to my walking foot.  There was some considerable ripping out at this stage too (with my hair soon to follow).  Eventually, I sort of got the hang of it and, while I would have hoped for slightly smother arcs,  it's not too terrible for my first time.  

I am sure there must have been an easier solution to all of this but somehow today my brain just wasn't for having it!

Hope your weekend stitching was a tad less problematic.


  1. Oh no! Sounds like a disaaaaaaaaster! Well done for persevering! Jxo

  2. Your end result works well but 7 times - that is perseverance in the extreme. Di x

  3. I feel for you. And if it makes you feel any better, I was doing circles with my wee gauge attached and circles seems to be a rather broad description though I still like them.

  4. I bet your stippling didn't look as bad as you think, sometime when we are new at something we look too closely at should definitely try it again!

  5. I've just finished a quilt like that - that had more unpicking than quilting! I got there in the end and I'm glad to read you did too :o) Some quilts just like to be difficult.


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