Sunday, 27 May 2012

Bee - I - Bee - I - O

We all know that 'Old Macdonald Had A Farm' but did he have any bees on that farm?   Maybe not, but this one has all sorts of cute animals on it and it is destined for Bee Blessed.

Rooting through our little Bee Blessed stash I came across a lovely farmyard panel, a small offcut with matching polka dots, a few wee label type squares and a piece large enough for backing just crying out to be put to good use in a quilt.  What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon (last weekend, not this one) when you have a heap of other WIPs and UFOs you could/should be busy with? I am so easily distracted (and it's much easier to justify a new project to myself when it has charitable status)!!!

I found a lovely green pillowcase in my own little stash to extend the borders and it was a great way to be able to feature those smaller label type strips rather than them going to waste - don't you think?

If you read my earlier Quilt-mares post you'll know that I tried to be clever with the quilting on this little lovely and the results were a bit tragic, but now that it's all tidied up with some binding and a wee label it will hopefully pass muster.

Most importantly of all though, we hope it will show a little touch of kindness and thoughtfulness to its Bee Blessed recipient in due course.


  1. I can imagine that it will be much loved by the recipient. You have done well. Di x

  2. Oh this turned out brilliantly S! LOVE the border - so much more interesting, and the quilting is fab! Well done! Jxo

  3. Woohoo! Word Verification free!!! Jxo

  4. Gorgeous! It's so sweet and the quilting looks great!


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