Sunday, 6 May 2012

All Quiet on the Sew Me Front

Imagine the audacity of life, circumstances (and maybe a few hormones thrown in), to get in the way of my stitching!

The past two weeks have been devoid of sewing machine action with the exception of the one (!) Converging Corners block I stitched at Bee Blessed last weekend. I found it trickier than it looked and essentially was slowed down by frog seams - rippit! rippit!

Since I have spent a number of hours waiting poolside for an active child, I do have these crochet projects to show you.

First up, Bertie's hat and coat got finished and he's now respectably dressed for sitting on my sewing shelves (without it looking like I just eat sweeties all the time).

And, because I've always wanted to try the pattern,  I have started a crocheted chevron throw.  More correctly, I should say I have started a chevron throw 3 times now.  Note to self: it is a HUGE mistake to start a crochet project with this many stitches in a noisy, busy swimming pool gallery when accurate counting is key to success.  So, third time lucky I got the stitches all correctly counted and the rows are now well under way.

I think when I ordered this yarn a few weeks ago I must have been feeling the lack of sunshine and warmth!  I did think of going soft and subtle and maybe matching some home decor. But no, subtlety went out the window and I went for warm and happy - I'm feeling tequila and sunsets.  I love how it looks even after this small start, and no doubt plenty more hours of pool duty will help this little throw along a bit more!

(There may be a few hours free to sew next weekend - but shh, don't tell anyone in case they plan something else for me to do instead!)

Hope you're all having a fun bank holiday weekend!


  1. I love those sunshine colours. And most of my tins have been successfully emptied by me - and proud of it I am too!!

  2. I just hate it when life gets in the way of sewing! Your sunny crochet is very 'happy' looking. Di x

  3. I'm loving the colours of those chevrons! Gorgeous! And Bertie's looking very dapper too! Well done! Jxo

  4. I love the colours you are working with. I totally relate to trying to start the wrong project while waiting for the kids in the busy location, but you are on the right track now. I hope you have more time for sewing soon.

  5. love your chevron crochet: its one thing I have never tried to do!

  6. love those bright colours... this brought back memories for me I spent YEARS sitting on balconies in swimming pools! I knit sooo many cardigans and jumpers!! I was know as the knitting mum!! AH! happy days x

  7. Loving the crocheting Sarah!! I take it I'll have a few years of poolside sewing myself when Lucy is older...!!! The colours are def reminiscent of tequila sunrise! X


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