Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Crocheted Lap Throw Complete!

Well I did say I hoped to be back before another seven months passed with an update on my previously forgotten crochet rug.  Shamed by my tardiness, I have included this one in the current round of bits and pieces I've been working on and yesterday I finally managed to finish the border and sew in the final wool ends!

This was my first large crochet project and while I did lose my motivation during it, I am pleased that I finally resurrected and finished it.  It's certainly toasty as I can verify from sitting with it over my legs while stitching the blocks together and finishing the border.

It may be some time before I am tempted by larger crochet projects again though!  Smaller, quicker finishes are more the order of the day at the moment as I look ahead at the quilting list that awaits me.


  1. Wow Sarah! This is stunning! Well worth the effort - good on you for sticking at it! It's beautiful. Jxo

  2. It is beautiful!! Glad you decided to finish it! Enjoy!

  3. Sarah, that is a seriously beautiful crochet throw. You should be so proud of it!

  4. It's wonderful and so great that you have finished it in time to cuddle under it this winter.

  5. That is so gorgeous - I wish I could crochet!


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