Saturday, 4 June 2011

Pleated Tote Bag

I've had this free pleated tote bag tutorial bookmarked on Artsy-Craftsy Babe's website for a while and today was the day it was calling to me.  So this afternoon I unearthed some Ikea fabric and voila, one summer tote (just for me this time).

Apple green lining and pleated outer fabrics 

The lovely green lining lurks inside but
I just couldn't get a decent photo of it.
I am quite pleased how the tote turned out, although I made a wee adjustment or two to the pattern just because my preference is to turn the bag right way out through the lining rather than by the top seam, probably because I'm not good enough at tidying up the top seam properly thereafter! The Ikea fabrics were a bit heavy and really tested my machine (there were some parts where there were 7 or 8 layers to get through), but a little perseverance and a bit of huffing and puffing with the Janome and I have a great wee carryall for this summer - just in time for the sun to disappear this afternoon and the forecast to be for rain all day tomorrow!


  1. Oh I like that and I think the lining will be a glorious kick of colour.

  2. Now that I've seen this bag in the flesh, I am in love with it & will definitely be checking out the pattern. Your hand made button was especially gorgeous! Jxo


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