Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Blessing of Thoughtful Friends

It's been an eventful two weeks, though sadly not on the sewing front.  An unexpected illness and lengthy hospital stay have rather put paid to plans for all the various projects on my to do list.  Not so great when I'd just signed up to two new QALs either.  Still, a few more days to recuperate and hopefully I can start to get back in the sewing saddle (I guess once the other priorities of life have been re-established too).

Although being ill has been rather miserable, there have been some lovely blessings courtesy of the thoughtfulness of friends and family.  Judith kept me supplied with patchwork and quilting mags while I was in hospital.

These were so appreciated since I hadn't the energy to concentrate on a book for the first week and in between the sleepy spells and tests and procedures looking at the colourful pictures of quilty goodness was just the distraction I needed for a few minutes at a time.  To Judith - thanks for knowing just what I'd need and for taking time out from all that you do to come and visit me in the hosp a few times.

I just got home yesterday afternoon to find a little parcel which had my family intrigued.  Susan, a lovely friend I've made through blogging had been thinking of me and kindly sent a Get Well card and a lovely little embroidered needle case which she had spent time to make herself.

I cannot tell you how touched I was by her thoughtfulness and it was such a welcome little surprise to come home from hospital too.  Sorry about the rubbish lighting in my photo - check out Susan's post for much better pics.  My family are still curious that a bloggy friend would be so thoughtful.  So to Susan - thank you for being so sweet!

Last night the food brigade arrived laden with goodies to ease the weekend for our family.  Look at this amazing stockpile from my church friends Stephanie and Suzanne.

Their own lives are crazy busy so I really appreciate that they took time out for us and hubby will be grateful for not having to cook this weekend - thanks Steph and Suzanne!

So you see, it might have been a bit rubbish generally lately, but the kindness of friends old and new has been a real blessing from God in this time and I am so grateful to Him and to all of you.  Thank you lovelies!!!

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  1. Aw Susan's needlecase is so gorgeous! What a treasure! Glad you're not having to cook this weekend. Enjoy! Jxo


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