Thursday, 16 June 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt-A-Long

Did you know that there are really bad people out there in the blogosphere and world of flickr?  BAD, BAD people.  People who make beautiful 6 inch sampler blocks, post lovely piccies on the blog posts and on a flickr group, who write about their enthusiasm and the addictive nature of the project.  People who are having fun sharing their plans, their achievements and the odd chuckle.  Like I said, BAD BAD people - you have been warned!

I didn't quite manage to avoid the influence of these baddies (how's that for transference of responsibility?)  and have signed up to the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along being hosted by Amanda from Fussy Cut and Angela from MsMcPorkChopQuilts.

I have flirted with sampler quilts for a while and even made a very small, tentative start on a Dear Jane, but life kind of took over and that got sidelined (maybe one day I'll get back to it).  I am delighted and so excited to see the buzz and enthusiasm for this block sampler quilt 'cos in all honestly I was getting to the point where I thought I had a nasty, dirty little secret because I love and have so wanted to try a sampler quilt. Modern quilting is fantastic but I think the sampler has been sadly neglected in this, and you only need to check out the fab blocks appearing over at the flickr group to see these are not blocks your granny would have made.  I have a bit of catch-up to play as I've come to the party late, but roll on the weekend and let me at them!

My stash selections for this QAL
It's not too late join in the fun, buy your copy of the book and sign up on the flickr group - you know you want to!

PS The more observant among you will have noted that yes, I have now signed up for 2 QALs in the space of a fortnight - next sign up is Quilter's Anonymous!  (Eeek, what am I doing?!)


  1. LOL! You really are an addict now! My resolve is still holding so far on this one! I think if we started a Q.A group we would all be sharing ideas, inspiring each other into more projects and defeating the purpose!! Jxo

  2. You are pushing me closer to the edge of cracking and ordering the book. Noooooo! Too much on. Don't tempt me further.

  3. I caved too! I'm hoping to get some cating up done this weekend :) Love your fabric choices :)


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