Friday, 27 May 2011

Pressie all ready to go!

I'm impressed with myself for having the foresight to make a pressie well ahead of time.  The bag and purse from class won't be gifted to mum until late June and here I am feeling all smug that it's ready and waiting for the wrapping paper!

the finished bag

lining, pocket and the detachable purse

detached purse

Actually, it's probably unfair of me to take credit for foresight when in reality the reason this bag is ready on time is largely due to some nifty class scheduling by my amazing friend Judith of Rags to Bags. Still, I'll revel in the fact that I won't be scouring M&S for something suitable the week before mum's big day!  Hope she likes the finished article!

(Keep a wee eye on the Rags to Bags blog to see Marion's bag which was made from the most beautiful summer fabics! I'm sure J will post it soon.)


  1. Gorgeous pic of a gorgeous bag! Am posting the pics on mine today but your photos came out much better. Jxo

  2. Fantastic job. Your mum will love it!


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