Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Practice = pincushion

I know it's not rocket science, but here's a quick wee pincushion I stitched up yesterday.

I was practicing with a new clearview quarter inch foot I ordered for my Janome in the hope of achieving better seams than the quarter inch foot it came with.  For whatever reason, the original foot seemed to give perfect seams but when all pressed out each final seam appeared to lose about an eighth of an inch.  Multiplied over a number of seams in a block you could end up with quite varied block sizes if you are trying to make something with different styles of blocks.  Anyway, the new foot and I seem to be getting along much better and the pincushion is just a little byproduct of my practicing.

I also had my first practice at free motion quilting.  That was scarey!  I tried to take a picture of my first efforts to give you a chuckle, but sadly I can't get the camera to pick up the stitching on my practice scraps - let's just say that those of you who worry about the quality of your fmq-ing would suddenly feel better because you're no longer bottom of the class.  MUCH more practice required, methinks!


  1. That pin cushion is so pretty. Glad your new 1/4 foot works better. My blocks were horrible for a while and I couldn't figure out the problem - until I realised I had put a bog standard sewing foot on! I excel at stupidity at times!

  2. V.cute! Good for you for just having a go at FMQ. I find that if you get your needle moving up and down faster than your hands move the fabric, you've more chance of getting even stitching. It's something that comes with pracise. Keep going! Jxo


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