Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Reply to gone2k9z

This is a message for gone2k9z - you emailed me a question about quilting your charm pack quilt and I replied, but realised afterwards that you are actually a no-reply blogger so my email reply will not have reached you.  I hope you spot this response -

Hi there! I'm glad you have been enjoying the charm pack quilt, and thank you for your kind wishes for safe health.  I hope you manage to stay safe too, it is indeed a very peculiar time. Sewing is my sanity too!

My walking foot measures ⅜" from the needle to its edge so that is pretty simple for me to line up with the fabric seam I want to distance from.  If I am quilting a distance that I cannot measure by the edge of my foot, I will rule lines on my quilt with a white Chaco chalk pen  (it's like a powdered chalk capsule with a little serrated wheel that draws on the fabric) or with a Hera marker which is not a pen but a little hand held plastic item with a sharp edge which makes a kind of indentation on your fabric which you can follow.  Sometimes for wider spaced lines I use painters tape. It is low adhesive so doesn't leave a residue on your quilt top. You position in on the fabric where you want and stitch right along the edge of the tape. Best to remove the tape immediately. I wouldn't leave the tape on for more than a day, so just tape up a piece of your quilt at a time. Of course I'm not sure painters tape comes as narrow as ⅜".

I hope that I have explained that properly and maybe it will be some help.  I hope you find a solution that works for you.

Kind regards,

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