Monday, 8 July 2019

Hold Everything! Bag - making a start

I'm having a go at the By Annie Hold Everything! Bag.  I feel a little bit intimidated by it to be honest, but I'm trying to just take it one step at a time and hope that each step makes sense when I get to it.  The pattern is very nicely laid out so you can work step by step and check each off as you complete it.

Of course, I've already deviated a little bit from the exact instructions, but only because I didn't have complete pieces of the fabrics I wanted to use.  (Note - working from stash again - polish that halo!) As a result, rather than stitching up a single piece quilt sandwich and then cutting out the pieces, I had to use several pieces.  It's all fine, except that one of the pocket page pieces that you can see in that little stack of 4 up there was accidentally quilted in a different direction from its buddies.  Oops, pay attention, Sarah!!

The next challenge was to master the art of adding my own zip pulls on the continuous zipper I ordered to avoid having to spend £10 on ordering a 30" zip with head to head zip pulls.  Frugal Quilters Anonymous!  Thank goodness for You Tube and the kind folks who share there.  I had a look at this tutorial and this one and was sorted.  (The second one is a bit long but it was useful for the head to head positioning.)

So, as you can see, I did it, and I saved myself £6.05 in the process, scoring 5m of size 3 continuous zipper with 10 zip pulls for just £3.95 from Zipperstation on Ebay.  Yay!

Moving on to make the pocket pages proved to be a little more problematic for me though.  See above where my four pocket pages appear to be ½" shorter than they should be (the top of my zips do not meet the top of the pocket backing quilt).  Eek!  I felt really disappointed at this point - mainly because it was late at night, and because I was sure I'd cut ever so carefully.  Cue a crisis call for advice from the lovely folks on IG, followed by a week of head scratching and hoping and wishing.

Then, just as I was tidying away before bed on Thursday night, I spotted the cover picture on my pattern and realised that the top of the zipper tape doesn't meet the top of the pocket on the real bag anyway!  Turns out the zip top just gets stitched down and is supposed to sit that ½" lower than the top of the pocket page.  Like this (if you can see it) -

Hmmm.  This was a classic case of me reading pattern instructions with a preconceived idea of what the finish should be, rather than just being obedient to what it said!  However, that said, I am really not fond of that finish and I debated ways to avoid it.  Of course, covering the upper zipper tape would have tidied it up, but with all my shenanigans cutting the piecing for this from various remnants of my B&C fabrics, I didn't have enough of the fabrics left to cover all four of the zipper tapes.

The online pattern page shows another sample bag where the zipper meets the top of the page and is then bound.  This seemed like a better option to me - even if it meant trimming my pockets a wee bit shorter than they should be.

So, I trimmed just ⅛" above the top of the zip tape and stitched the binding to the front of the pocket, turned it over and handstitched to the back.

I'm happy enough with the finish, though I wish I'd trimmed exactly to the top of the zipper tape just to bring the binding down the zipper tape a little.  You live and learn.

While I really can't fault the written instruction of the By Annie pattern, I do wish there were a few more close-up pictures and diagrams to show what it is you are aiming to achieve.  It's not always obvious from the few pictures of the bag provided - at least, not to me.

I'm about halfway through now, and I feel quite anxious about facing the remainder of the construction giving the hiccups I had with the pocket pages.  Just got to keep reminding myself ... one step at a time!

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  1. This looks fabulous, although I will probably never try something like this myself due to the million zips. x


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