Sunday, 16 June 2019

Christmas in June

Normally, there is no excuse for using the C word in June, I know.  But, I'm trying to finish up some WIPs and this one was just next on my list.

So, apologies to those of you who cannot bear to see Christmas fabric this early in the year, but perhaps I can justify it by saying it's not early for this year, but late for last.  Does that help?  No.  Oh well, apologies anyway.

This is my Chunky Cut Christmas Quilt which was a quick and satisfying stitch up back in early December in an attempt to reduce my Christmas fabric stash.

All it needed was basted, quilted and bound.  Wavy line quilting worked a treat on the fun festive prints and some biased red and white candy cane striped binding completed the effort.

Done, done and done and happily ticked off the list, and, of course, ready for some wintery snuggles when the time comes.


  1. I recognise some of those fabrics, perhaps from the basement days? It's such a cute quilt - I can cope with Christmas in June, only when it's this cute!

  2. This is so pretty. Would you please post sizes of the blocks. I would like to make a Chunky scrap quilt. Thank you


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