Thursday, 28 December 2017

Elf-made update

I know you've seen these before but I thought you might like to see the finished sewing I did for CT's Christmas stocking 'in situ' as it were.  I apologise that the pics are grainy night-time ones again but I can only ever seem to be free to get pics when it's dark!

Here's the main event -

The kitchen has her little oven gloves, tea towel, apron hanging on the side (I just added a Command Hook there) and I crocheted a little dishcloth, too. I'm so pleased with the kitchen window tulip view and relieved that I measured properly and it fits!

 CT went with the flow for Christmas - you know, pots and pans on the go ...

... plenty of dinner to be made!

Dolly is now snug as a bug in her bed with pretty linens.  I kind of wish I could crawl under there myself for a bit of a nap after the exertions of the past week!

I love that the Ikea products leant themselves to a bit of prettifying and personalisation, mostly as an excuse for me to sew something for CT ;-)

Now that Christmas is over I'm looking for new excuses ....


  1. What lovely presents! CT looks right at home in the kitchen - it must be all the time she's spent taking things out of the cupboards in the big kitchen!

  2. Adorable and it looks like she loves her new kitchen! Now she can make you dinner :)
    Happy Christmas


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