Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Liberating Bonnie & Camille!

I want to make a quilt for a friend and have decided to liberate more of my beautiful Bonnie & Camille prints for the purpose.  They don't make anyone smile just locked up in a box, do they?

My friend has eclectic tastes - very modern but loves Cath Kidston style too, so I'm hoping that I can carry off something with this selection of B&C prints that she will take pleasure in.

I decided to keep the piecing quite large in order to cater for the modern side of my friend's tastes and I was inspired by Just Jude's amazing Boho Autumn quilt.  It's a perfect design to showcase prints without chopping them up too small.

My HSTs aren't quite as large as the one's in Judith's design.  These are 12.5" unfinished.  I love it already and I think this might be hard to part with.

I've reached the stage where the little corner triangles are ready to be stitched in place, and I'm itching to get at it so I can see how it all works out.  QI - Quilter's Impatience!  

Oh, and I may have started piecing my B&C scraps into pairs a la Scrap Vortex quilt style.  I was wondering why this scrappy quilt is called Scrap Vortex, but now I think it's because you get sucked in (to the vortex) once you start!  It was VERY hard not to keep sewing forever just to piece all my wee B&C scraps into more usable units.  I must remember that it's not a main project - LOL!

So, there you go, B&C is getting liberated around here and it's fun!!



  1. I am in the process of a major clean out/de-junking/ organizer of my box/sewing/craft room and found Bonnie and Camille Bliss FQs that I have been saving so long I forgot I had them. I agree that the happiness factor increases when B&C fabrics are released from storage and used for a quilt.

  2. I love my Bonnie and Camille fabrics, I occasionally get them out to look a them but can't imagine the horror of cutting them. I do have a couple of ideas in mind though. x

  3. gosh, you mentioned before you had a large B&C stash, but that's some stash., it gets hard to break it out. I have a lot of Carolyn Friedlander and nothing is ever special enough for it! Your friend will, I am sure, love this


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