Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Secret Sewing

Let me be honest. There are a whole list of things I really miss about not having so much time to sew these days.  One of those things is the ability to respond to and contribute to shared projects. From my days in Bees and of course, my contributions to Bee Blessed and Siblings Together, sewing for others has been a large part of my journey and I often wish I still had the freedom to do that.

A few weekends ago, at just a moment when I had two child free hours to myself and no list of other things needing tackled, I was able to say a snap 'yes' to a request and pulled these pretties to work with.  Oh I do love a fabric pull!

I spent a very happy, unpressured hour of cutting, pinning and stitching, enjoying the red, pink and yellow colour palette immensely.

And behold, I have secret sewing in all its loveliness to slip in a mailing bag!

Happy, satisfied sewing!!


  1. good that you found some time to make these hearts. Here it is the opposite for me I find it hard to fill the hours

  2. the satisfaction from secret sewing, or charitable sewing is tremendous . Love these hearts


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