Sunday, 6 August 2017

Around the World - start of the trip

It's been a while since I told you about my plans for the Around the World quilt on my Singer 99k.  Since then, I have actually managed to start stitching on it and am slowly adding rounds of squares and my progress has gotten me this far -

Ignore the pink and yellow post-its which are marking my row numbers
and spoiling the effect of the Around the World colour ways for now.
It's quite the learning curve working with the hand-cranked Singer and figuring out how to grow this pattern sensibly, even if I am doing it without using handy strip piecing techniques.  The Singer is lovely but I didn't realise how hard it can be to hold fabric single handed while using your other hand to crank the handle.  Small pieces are grand, but as that block has grown bigger, it's heavier and harder to support with just my left hand.  Also, no matter how hard I try, my foot is still looking for a pedal to press EVERY time I start sewing. It takes my brain a few seconds to stop anticipating a power surge ;-) 


I should have listened to my own plans to only select and cut fabric for a row or two at a time.  I got a bit carried away one evening and it took a LOT longer than I had imagined to press and cut fabric for all these rows.  I think I just got excited about choosing the next colour and then the next, and the next.  Those B&C fabrics are just so inviting!  Not happening again though - max two rows at a time.

So far all those many squares have only reached about 36" square.  Feels quite small for all that piecing, but that's the result of using 2.5" squares instead of bigger ones.  (The rationale for which is on my first post here.)  Anyway, no hurry on this and no definite idea of finish size either, so I'm not committed to anything I don't want to do.  The cut fabrics for rounds 12 to 19 have yet to be added so I think I have plenty to be getting on with for now.

Hope to do a little more Around the World travel again soon!


  1. rather you than me I am not sure I could hand crank these days though Helen my younger daughter has ex MILs singer, she does not sew at all seems to think though I should not have a go on it but would love to check it out.
    Quilt is coming along beautifully but wonder if you will have to transfer over to your other machine when it gets a bit bigger to make it easier to do

  2. I love Bonnie and Camille fabrics, they always seem so happy. This is looking great. Many decades ago my first lessons on a sewing machine were on a hand cranking one, they were what we had at school.

  3. Oh my, that sounds about like the trick of patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time! I love your plan to work rounds in colors rather than one specific fabric. I think the quilt will be all the richer for that.

  4. rather you than me. There's a reason why electric sewing machines evolved from hand cranks! To me it is like real v disposable nappies - lovely in theory but too much hard work in reality


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