Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Family Tree Leaves

My Family Tree needs some embroidered leaves to get me going on this project.  I dipped into my 30's fabric stash (the one I'm supposed to be using for my Dear Jane quilt) and chose some pretties to work with the palette I need.

After choosing a font that meant I could fit the long names of the family on leaves as well as the short ones, I embroidered in several different stitches before unpicking them all and going back to simple backstitch.

The others looked a bit too clumsy and clunky on the little leaves and while it needs to be worth stitching them, I want the names to be quite subtle.  So, hopefully this works without the names getting too lost in the overall picture.  We'll see.

This pic shows 9 of the 12 family name leaves, and the other three are finished too now (just no pic).  Now, I need to get rid of the blue shadow from the erasable pen, but I'm making progress folks!

Come on, Sarah, you can do it!  Might make Christmas finish after all ;-)


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