Saturday, 18 April 2015

Quilt Now BOM - Issue 10

Time for the next instalment of Quilt Now Mystery Block of the Month blocks.  Hard to believe it's issue 10 already!  Reene's skillbuilder this month was to have us make little gathered hexagon blocks.  It started off with my sewing table covered in these strange little hexie bug thingies.

It finished with little blocks like this one. Sort of puffy, gathered hexagons which are machine appliqued to my low volume background blocks.

Eight blocks made and waiting for Issue 13 as instructed (I think that maybe the last one of this BOM).  Wonder what Reene and Quilt Now have in store for Issues 11 and 12 then?


  1. you really are wizzing through your lists. Can you send me some of your fairy dust or whatever it is???

  2. They look interesting and fiddly! jxo

  3. Grand job as always Sarah :) Not long now... x

  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing what those hexagons are going to be paired with!


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