Thursday, 16 April 2015

Embroidered Mini-Quilt

Part of my Easter stitching plans included this little embroidered mini quilt for a space on our bedroom wall.   In spite of getting distracted by the lovely sunshine we had last week, I did manage to finish up the embroidery last weekend and add a backing, binding and a couple of hanging tabs to allow me to finally get something on that wall!  You can see it in situ above.

 And, here's a closer look at the finish

and while it was in progress.

It was nice to have a wee bit of embroidery on the go again last week.  I think I am beginning to slow down and consequently am enjoying the more relaxed pace of hand-stitching.  I foresee more of it than I do of machine stitching over the next few months, and probably after that too!


  1. the little bird is gorgeous, a little hand sewing sounds just the thing

  2. Very cute! Really like the verse too.

  3. Beautiful. Really love it. Love a bit of embroidery.

  4. Beautifully neat chain stitching! Good to have your space filled...

  5. It's such a lovely and positive reminder to wake up to each day! Jxo


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