Monday, 29 September 2014

Peg Bag for small washes

My mum recently asked me for a peg bag for her new washing line.  I've never made one before but ploughed on anyway, making it up as I went along.

I started by quilting some panels and then sewing a porthole oval for the peg opening, crossing my fingers that it would work.  My top tip for an oval porthole is to use the piece of cardboard from the opening of a Kleenex box as your template.

The porthole was a success but after a few other numpty mistakes (I'm blaming my lurgy brain) the bag had to be cut shorter than planned.  So, it's a successful peg bag but I hope mum doesn't have too many pegs since it's a bit vertically challenged!

This project has been another stash raider.  The Debbie Mumm bird houses fabric was used in my handstitched hexie quilt and has been hanging around since before I knew how to use my sewing machine (13yrs I think).


  1. practical and pretty at the same time, I am envious of your fabric hoard!

  2. Great job! Every washing line should have one. Hope your mum is pleased :)

  3. I had/have that Debbie mumm birdie fabric in blue! Still love it
    Great tip for the oval

  4. It's great, Sarah! I'm sure you're mum is going to really appreciate it!


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