Friday, 8 August 2014

Modern Stitching Bee - August 2014

Trumpet fanfare please for the most regal of all Queen Bees, Queen of the Cumberland Gap, the majestic Rhonda!

Rhonda asked for Union Jack blocks in brights and white so here are the two I stitched up for her:

This first one is my favourite.  I love the red and yellow together!

The second one is orange and a beautiful shade of jade which hasn't pictured very true here.  Looks more turquoise here but it isn't.

Rhonda pointed us in the direction of this tutorial from Molli Sparkles.  It works beautifully but does require some attention when orientating the diagonal segments for cutting.  Mind you, paying attention was worth it, I reckon!

Great block choice to finish up a year in the Modern Stitching Bee.  I've made a ton of blocks this year, been introduced to many low volume backgrounds, learned some gentle curved piecing and just been made so welcome in the Bee by Rhonda and Leanne and the other Bees.  Thanks ladies for letting me join in with this year's fun!


  1. Great job missus! I'll be finishing mine tonight hopefully

  2. Fabulous!! Great colours and prints!

  3. Gorgeous ... They will look so fabulous when they are all together.

  4. Absolutely love the colours Sarah, they really pop. I wonder what our flag will look like if Scotland leaves?


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