Friday, 13 June 2014

June Bee Blocks

When I can, I like to take care of my Bee blocks at the first opportunity each month.  This month I wasn't quite as on the ball as usual - combination of having a little less available time and having to think about some of these blocks a little more.

The easy peasy one was the Bee Blessed block that Judith chose to be our BOM for June - Scrappy but Classy block by Anne Marie at Gen X quilters.  This one took more time choosing fabrics than stitching up and I think it'll make a great scrappy quilt for Bee Blessed.

Queen Bee of Modern Stitching Bee, Anneliese, plotted to keep us busy with HSTs for an afternoon but I think you'll agree the results are very pretty.  Her daughter should have an amazing pieced quilt 
when these lovelies all make it home.

As you can see low volume strikes again for the MSBees!

In HipBees, Rachel asked for floral applique blocks in a variety of sizes.  This one made me scratch my head a little lot as applique isn't my favourite stitching style and I didn't want to mess these up on Rachel.

With much thanks to Google Images for helping me find starting points I have made:

a raw-edged sketchy applique 6.5" square with an orange morning glory (you know I never knew they could be orange but they can);

a little bunch of yellow tulips, satin stitch appliqued as best I could (this block is 12.5" square);

and a 6.5" x 12.5" rectangular block with a little flutter of blossoms and leaves of the "Sarah-made-them-up" variety (sketchy raw-edge applique again). 

A trio of floral applique challenges!!

So, there you have it.  All squared up on the Bee Block commitments for another month and next month I get to play Queen ....


  1. Look at you! You're on fire finishing your bee blocks - I realize you think you're late into the month, but I'm well impressed it's not the 28th of June and you're just starting :) Love your Bee Blessed scrappiness :)

  2. That's a lot of work in a short time

  3. Beautiful blocks and a heck of a lot of work there!

  4. These are bee-autiful! Brilliant applique! Jxo

  5. love the bee blessed block, trust mine arrived safely. Your applique is lovely too, not a technique I have tried yet, on my to do list!

  6. Way to crank out all those blocks, especially the HSTs!

  7. Fabulous bee blocks, especially Rachels. I haven't got passed my 6.5" block yet!

  8. But you have done me proud, Sarah! the blocks are just beautiful! Thank you so much!

  9. Lovely bee blocks, tho use hst look superb, but lots of work too. I need to find some flower images as I'm playing catch up!


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