Sunday, 11 May 2014

Modern Stitching Bee - May 2014

For Queen Bee, Clara, we are making spiderweb blocks this month in the Modern Stitching Bee.

I have never made a spiderweb block before.  It's one of those blocks on my very long "Must do one day" / "Fancy a quilt of these" lists, so being asked for them in a Bee has been a perfect way to get stuck in.

I did underestimate just how much time these blocks would take me to put together.  Not because they are hard but maybe just because I didn't have a flow for a while and I was dithering about with scraps.

I was a little nervous about drafting my own paper template for these blocks.  However, thanks to these great instructions from Narcoleptic in a Cupboard, that part of the process was nowhere near the fearsome task I had conjured in my mind.  If you fancy giving it a go, Sarah's instructions are great step by step guide to drafting the paper foundation.

So, my verdict on the spiderweb block?  I LOVE it's scrappy loveliness and sharp lines, but I don't see me ever having the patience to make a whole quilt of them myself.  Perhaps that's why they're such a popular block to set for our Bee mates?


  1. Beautiful! I hope they are much easier than the ones I made for the Irish Bee. Thinking to use freezer paper might help a lot. I love them too but am to inpatient but I want to make a pillow.

  2. Loving your blocks and choice of scraps! Jxo

  3. They look great. I loved making the ones for the Irish bee, though they were foundation pieced onto fabric

  4. this looks great, on my list to try but will follow the ginger monkey Katy she has a tutorial on QNNtv which does not use the foundation method, still not worked out how to do anything that way

  5. Beautiful blocks, Sarah! I love how bright and scrappy they are!


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