Sunday, 6 April 2014

Modern Stitching Bee - April 2014

It's Rebecca's turn as Queen Bee this month and she asked us for Japanese x and + blocks in saturated colours.

These blocks look brilliant in a full quilt but I have to admit that I struggled more with these block than I have ever struggled with a block before.

This is the evidence of several blocks made and ripped apart in my attempts to line up the top and bottom arms of the plus part of the block.  Much frustration (and fabric) later I did have respectable blocks but as yesterday's IG posts testify it was not a painless experience.  Thank you to the IG folks for bolstering my confidence and soothing my furrowed brow!

I've also been working on my hipBees blocks this weekend (with more success) but have a wee spot of embroidery to finish on one of them before I reveal them.  Soon I hope ...

Hope you had a successful stitchy weekend!


  1. Those are two gorgeous blocks!!! Love the bright colours!
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    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Glad you finally beat them into submission!

  3. Feeling your pain there, but the finished blocks are totally stunning! Jxo

  4. your perseverance certainly paid off these look so immaculate

  5. Oh sorry they were a pain to make :-( They were worth the perseverence :)


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