Wednesday, 9 April 2014

HipBees - April 2014

Here comes summer!  Well, in my bee blocks at least.

Jill's challenge to the hipBees this month was to create two Beach Hut themed blocks for her summer quilt.  Pieced, appliqued, embroidered, whatever, Jill encouraged us to get creative with her sorbet shaded fabrics.

This kind of bee block is a little tougher than just being directed at a particular block, but in many ways these are the ones I prefer.  Yes, they take longer to plan but they challenge us to think outside of the box (or blocks) and be a little more "artistic" (I use the term lightly in my own case) with our efforts.

So, thanks Jill for allowing us free reign with techniques and embellishments for a fun theme.  I really hope you like these blocks.

First of all to get me in the summery mood, I paper pieced a little row of pretty beach huts, once again adapting the pattern I had from Judith's cushion class.

Then, to take the deserted look off the beach I embroidered (more encouragement from my IG cheerleaders) Flossy the mermaid, the little coral crab and some seashells.  Hope it's not too much whimsy in one place.  All credit for the embroidery designs belongs to Aimee Ray's Doodle Stitching book.

My second block was an attempt at raw edge applique and sketching.  Thanks to Annabella's Gees Bend inspired improv blocks a couple of months ago in Modern Stitching Bee, I even made use of the soft curving skills I learned to create a sweeping shoreline and sand line on the background of this block.  Was feeling quite chuffed with myself for getting this to happen successfully.

This one is a posh beach hut with a big picture window and a plot of its own.  The owner of this hut even has a washing line to dry her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini on!  And, her wee dog enjoys to play next to the waves.

As an aside, can you believe the cheek of one IGer (not naming anyone) who, when I posted this pic of the bikini applique pieces (for scale),

had the cheek to say "Don't think that it will fit!!!"  Whatever did she mean?!

Anyway, as you can tell I had great fun with these blocks and hope Jill will have a spectacular, quirky beach hut quilt when all of our blocks arrive with her!  Thanks for the challenge Jill!


  1. LOL! These are brilliant, and so fun! I most definitely won't be wearing a skimpy bikini this summer either! Loving flossy and scottie dog! Jxo

  2. They are both brilliant!!! And that bikini is totally adorable

  3. Loving the bikini! both blocks are great.

  4. I love these blocks, everything about them is so so cute - it's fun being given a free reign isn't it? x

  5. Wow! Where on earth did you find such a huge penny? I am sure the bikini is a perfect fit!

  6. brings back memories of childhood seeing your pretty beach huts, very nice, the bunting and your hand embroidery really bring the first one to life can imagine sitting on a deck chair here enjoying the sun and the lapping of the waves

  7. LOVE your huts x .. and he mermaid xx

  8. Fabulous blocks Sarah, Jill is going to love them

  9. These are fantastic, love the curves and the bikini too.


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