Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January Bee Blocks

Although I downed tools for a few weeks at the beginning of January, I did sneak back into the sewing room twice to fulfil my Bee commitments for the month. (Can't keep those Queen Bees waiting for pretties!)

First up was Katy's block in the Modern Stitching Bee.

She asked for a single large block instead of the usual two, so this biggie is 18.5" x 24.5".  Katy's quilt is going to be a variety of icy blue wonky blocks with scrappy pieced centres.  Making this reminded me a lot of the wonky grey quilt I made for my brother and I know Katy will have a great quilt when all her blocks are in.

In hipBees Collette has plans for a funky floating log cabin quilt and sent us each a pack of pre-cut strips in a selection of lovely fabrics from her palette of navy, red, coral, yellow, aqua and grey.  

I really like how these colours work together (they aren't very true in my photo) and am interested to see Collete's finished quilt top come together.  Should be a stunner!


  1. What beautiful blocks, so unique

  2. Each block is so different. That is the joy of being in bees - trying out different things. Di x

  3. Lovely blocks - a great start to the year!

  4. two great blocks, the wonky one is so colourful, love the turquoise you have used as a border. Log cabin colourful too

  5. I've loved making all the different blocks, I like how they are all so different. Both quilts are going to look amazing.

  6. Collette's block was great to make wasn't it

  7. Love both of these, Sarah! I've been thinking of trying something like the first one or a while... Really drawn to how modern it is!


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